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Partners for Rural Health in the Dominican Republic (PRHDR)

“Partners for Rural Health in the Dominican Republic (PRHDR) is a 501(c)3 registered organization that sends nursing students and other medical and non-medical volunteers to work on medical clinics in rural areas of the DR on a biannual basis. We have been working in the same communities for 22 years and have built strong, lasting relationships based on ongoing, high-quality healthcare. Our mission is to offer transformative learning opportunities for future healthcare leaders through working closely with underserved communities to improve health in the Dominican Republic. Building connections. Changing lives. Fostering leadership. Our vision is powerful global health experience for students and volunteers. Consistent, quality health care and strong partnerships in Dominican communities.
PRHDR is currently looking for volunteers for its January 2017  trip (December 31 to January 12, 2017) We are looking for:
  • Doctors;
  • Nurse practitioners;
  • Nurses;
  • Dentists;
  • Spanish-English/Creole-English interpreters;
  • Pharmacists;
  • Physical therapists;
  • Clinic support staff, working with clients; and
  • Intake staff