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Global Service Corps

Founded in 1993 by Baby Boomer Rick Lathrop during his mid-career transition, Global Service Corps (GSC) was envisioned as a “mini-Peace Corps” experience for fellow Baby Boomers. GSC now provides service-learning programs for adults of all ages to help build capacity in underserved Cambodian communities through teaching and training programs in Public Health, Community Development and Leadership, and Conversational English. GSC partners with and supports Cambodian NGOs to help rebuild the Cambodian civil society still recovering from the Khmer Rouge genocide. Short- and long-term volunteer service-learning opportunities are provided in the above program areas as well as in Orphan and Child Care, and Buddhism Immersion. Before being assigned to a partner NGO organization, all program participants are provided on arrival a country history and cultural orientation and training program, which includes educational sightseeing trips to some of the historic sites in Phnom Penh, an introduction to Cambodian culture, basic Khmer language lessons, and preparatory project training at the project service site. All GSC participants have the unique opportunity to live in a local homestay, guesthouse, or in on-site housing at an orphanage or monastery to participate in a true cultural immersion experience.”