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Concern America
Concern America is an international development and refugee aid organization that provides long-term, community-based development and support to economically impoverished communities throughout the world since 1972. Concern America trains community members in health, education, water construction, and income-generation, so that the villagers themselves become the health care providers, educators, well-diggers, cooperative members, etc.

In terms of income generation, Concern America supports cooperatives in Bangladesh, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico by purchasing their beautiful, handcrafted art pieces at fair trade prices, set by those who make them. Concern America then makes these items available through ³craft sales² hosted in homes, churches, businesses, schools, civic events, and now online. Funds generated by these sales are used to support the Concern America field projects in these same countries, in addition to the benefits to the artisans.  Visit for more information and/or to purchase crafts.