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A Broader View

Welcome to A Broader View Volunteers!  As a USA based 501c(3) charity our programs are tax deductible for US tax payers. We offer both short and long term projects for the globally-minded individual searching for a unique travel experience. We have project bases in 24 countries throughout Central and South America, Asia and throughout Africa with over 245 programs. Volunteers are needed in health programs, HIV education, teaching English programs, woman empowerment, conservation and more. A Broader View volunteer program is for anyone searching for a meaningful, enriching, life-changing experience while traveling abroad. Our programs open you up to world of discovery. You will experience people, places and things of which you have only dreamed. If you have one month to spare or just one week, A Broader View programs offer a real opportunity to experience, learn and contribute in ways which traditional travel does not do. Visit our website or call us toll free for more information (866) 423-3258.